The digital business trend is now a type of business that is very easy to run with small capital. The key to success in business in the digital era is creativity. If you are planning to open a business, start by looking for interesting business ideas to realize.

Starting from a digital business idea, you need to continue with the latest innovations if you want to be successful immediately. So, where did the business idea come from? Don’t worry, you can look for it through your favorite hobbies, skills mastered, or see what’s trending in today’s society.

Ideas can come from anywhere. So, all you have to do is explore the potential of the idea to be used as a business area. What are some interesting business ideas to choose from, try, and of course a profitable business? Come on, see more below!

Various Digital Business Ideas to Try

Almost all businesses now use digital technology to grow. It’s time for you to try digital business opportunities that are currently still wide open. There are several advantages that you can get, one of which is that as long as you have a strong idea and determination, then any business you run can be successful and make a profit.

In addition, the reach of the digital business market is still wide open, it can even reach all regions in Indonesia, even abroad. Another advantage, technology that continues to develop will make digital businesses have long-term profitable opportunities.

Well, here are some digital business ideas that can be your choice.

Opening an Online Store

The simplest business idea is to create an online store on various channels, such as social media, online shops , marketplaces , and e-commerce , to websites . You can choose a B2B ( business to business ) or B2C ( business to consumer ) business model , even C2C ( consumer to consumer ).

You just have to decide what products you want to sell and make your online store stand out to win the trust of users. Creating a business website to build a brand identity in this case really helps you build a business with a wider target market. You are free to choose to become a supplier , reseller , or dropshipper according to the chosen business model.

Graphic Design Services

The next digital business idea is design services. The prospect of this business is quite large because the consumers are very broad. It’s not just consumers who need designs personally, but also their businesses.

The key to success in building this graphic design service business is to create an attractive online portfolio . Offer services for making brochures, posters, and others to consumers who really need it.

Next, you just need to equip yourself with various devices, such as video editing applications on smartphones , editing applications on laptops, storyboard applications , motion graphics devices , making videos, and so on.

Website Development Services

The B2B business model is not always in the form of goods. There are also those who offer website creation services for other businesses. To build this business, it takes special skills that you can learn. Especially now that many businesses need to create a website in order to improve the company’s image.

In addition, you can simultaneously provide professional SEO services , search engine optimization , search engine marketing or SEM , business website optimization , Jakarta digital marketing agency services , adword services , and much more.

Selling ebooks

The development of technology also brings changes in the manufacture of book products. Ebooks can be a very profitable digital business if you start now. You just need to be proficient in creating compelling content and digital book design.

Online Courses

The business of the digital era extends to the world of education. Lessons at schools or courses are not always done face-to-face. You can take this opportunity to open an online course business . Enough with teaching skills and take advantage of digital marketing to get more students.

Become a Freelancer or Influencer

Love the world of writing? Take advantage of this hobby to create a blog, then become a blogger . Your job is only to publish content in the form of interesting and useful posts on a regular basis. The capital is only domain , hosting , and SSL . In fact, there are also those who only take advantage of free blogs.

Social Media Admin Services

The last one is the service of being an admin on social media accounts to improve the branding of online stores or certain companies. This business is quite profitable. The capital is creative in creating content according to the type of social media you are working on.

Interested in digital business? You just need to choose one of the ideas above and try it right away without delay.