What Is Laptop Insurance?

What Is Laptop Insurance?

If you have a laptop then thinking about laptop insurance might be sensible.

A policy may typically provide cover against theft, accidental damage or destruction and breakdowns outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Loss typically is not covered, so, try to not lose it!

If your laptop is stolen or damaged so badly that it cannot be repaired, the policies of some insurers may guarantee you a replacement within 48 hours. That is potentially a very useful timesaving facility.

Some laptop insurance policies also provide cover for your laptop if you have it overseas with you, be it on business or pleasure. That may give you that extra bit of pace of mind when you are abroad.

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

Some policies may not cover theft if your laptop is left unattended. Others may do so providing that you have locked the laptop securely away.

If you are considering lending your laptop to someone, it might be a very good idea to check the conditions of your laptop insurance first. Some policies may not cover problems that arise if your laptop is in someone else’s possession.

Cover against breakdowns applies only once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. If you have a problem during the warranty period, this will typically be dealt with by a combination of the retailer and manufacturer.

Insurance policies of many forms carry what is called the excess. That is usually an amount of money that you will have to contribute towards the total amount of any future claim. You may find excess on laptop policies also.

Some policies may provide up to 3GB of data storage space on the insurance providers system. That can be used to store some of your critical data that you could restore in the event your laptop had to be replaced. It may help get you back to normality as fast as possible.

Of course, only you can really decide whether or not a laptop policy would benefit you.

However, considering the price of new laptops, deciding to do without insurance might be best described as being a brave decision.

Laptop insurance is typically modestly priced and easy to take out. If nothing else, it may be worth finding out a little bit more about it.