Driven Off the Road By The Cost of Young Drivers Car Insurance?

Driven Off the Road By The Cost of Young Drivers Car Insurance?

The cost of young drivers car insurance is the biggest obstacle for most people under the age of 25. There are some tips that will help you to reduce the cost of your premiums. Some insurance companies freely admit that they are not interested in the 17-25 year old category – simply because the risk is considered to be too high. While statistics bear this out not every young driver is just another statistic!

Shopping Around

When searching for young drivers car insurance you should make the best use of comparison sites. Most sites cover around 75% of the insurance market – but there are plenty more comparison sites out there and they are certainly worth checking in addition to the main ones. A couple of major insurers don’t feature on comparison sites – if you have the time to spare it may be worth checking these as well. Some brokers specialise in the young drivers’ car insurance market and these shouldn’t be ignored. Specialist brokers may well be able to offer better deals. Always consider fully comprehensive when comparing quotes – often there will be little or no cost difference between the levels of cover and the highest level can come with some additional and valuable benefits.

Choosing The Right Car

Choose your car carefully. A second hand car, with a lower powered engine will cost far less to insure than a new, powerful model. Modifications should be avoided for at least your first year of driving as these will guarantee a higher policy cost. Because young drivers’ car insurance is so costly the option to pay your premium in one go may simply not be possible – however, if there is a chance you can do this it will make the overall cost of insurance cheaper.

Advancing Your Skills

Young drivers car insurance is so costly simply because of the risk involved to insurers. Finding ways to prove that your driving skills are good and that you are a safe driver are getting easier! The Pass Plus course is one option to reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. This course is a six hour driving course that covers more complex aspects of driving – including night driving and driving in poor weather conditions. Many insurers will be happy to accept this as proof of your skills and savings of up to 35% can be made on the cost of insurance – a significant amount for many young drivers. Some insurance companies are now offering a ‘Pay how you drive’ scheme. This involves a data recorder that monitors your speeds and breaking habits amongst other factors. You pay per mile for most policies – so driving less and driving safely combine to reduce the cost significantly. Not all insurers are offering this scheme yet but it is likely to become widespread in the next year.