3 Great Benefits of Term Insurance

3 Great Benefits of Term Insurance

Term insurance has a lot of benefits if you ask me. But three things probably top the list:

1.Affordability – this kind of plan doesn’t involve shelling out a huge sum of money in comparison with whole life insurance or other variable plans. Actually, they won’t even hurt your wallet or credit card if you get one as the price quotes are very low, for the start-up coverages.

2. Flexibility and Ease – just like whole life insurance, most companies allow you to settle your payments with them on either of four ways (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually). Most people go for the annual or once a year option because again, the payments (or premiums as they are more often called) are manageable. I would love to give you a quote, but you are far better off checking with your local insurance firms and see for yourself the striking difference term insurance has over the other products. they will give you more or less accurate estimates on your case, as the amount varies on certain factors.

3. Maximum Protection, Minimal Cost. – compare a $100,000 whole life / variable life policy and a term policy with that same amount. Look at the premium you will be paying for. You’d be surprised of the big difference. The reason is the first kind of policy earns interest and builds up cash value, which you can use at a later date (just like a bank but only much better in terms of investment), while term insurance does not; hence, it doesn’t need a higher amount in premium.

It’s best to review your goals with your agent or broker when getting the best kind of coverage for your and your family. There are benefits of other types of insurances of course, but if maximum protection is your objective or one of your objectives (e.g. father of many children and dependents), then you just can’t live without term insurance.