Simple Tips to Follow When an ATM Eats Your Deposit

Standing in front of an Automated Teller Machine that ate your cash withdrawal or deposit without crediting your bank account or issuing receipts can leave you feeling weak, hopeless, and helpless. It is a horrific experience, according to people who found themselves in these types of situations. Some users received their credits, but they had to act immediately. If a machine takes your money, here are some steps you can take.

Do not panic and contact the bank

The first thing people need to do if they face this kind of situation is to alert their credit union or bank, investigating before crediting their accounts. Although it may not come naturally to some individuals, the name of the game is not to panic and keep your cool. It means staying put and reaching out to the bank as soon as possible.

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When the machine chewed up the money, individuals should stay put, contact the financial institution, and speak to a live representative. Customer representatives, usually assure clients it will be corrected the next business day. They will make sure that someone will call them as soon as the problem is addressed.

These professionals will do everything they can return the money, and the deposit was credited. If a person uses the machine frequently, top banks usually avoid crediting ATM fees, as well as reimbursed charges to affected individuals. How common these things happen is not clear.

The Automated Teller Machine Industry Association does not have information that would show the range of this problem. According to banking experts, they haven’t heard of one reported case like this happening. But some people said otherwise. This kind of problem is prevalent all over the world.

According to online message boards on this subject, cash-hungry machines are not unheard of. Considering that at least 60% of Americans use Automated Teller Machines at least once a month. It is worth knowing how to address this potentially frustrating situation.

Confirm that financial institutions perform investigations

According to studies, more people found themselves in the same situation than most financial institutions are willing to admit. Sometimes, ATMs took the money and printed out receipts saying there had been errors and that people should call the phone number shown on the screen.

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Banks and credit unions usually assured their clients that they would look into the case when they called and credited to their accounts for the time being. Most financial institutions generally warn their users that they would investigate the deposit made that day.

If for some reason, the bank or credit union determined that the deposit made was less, they would take it out of the user’s account. Traditionally, it will take at least one month before the user receives a letter in their mail saying the financial institution had completed their investigation and found out that they credited the wrong amount.

Overall, most customers think banks or credit unions handle these kinds of situations pretty well. If a machine eats your money, you need to contact the bank or credit union as soon as possible. That will spur an investigation of the incident.

Usually, the information about the investigation process is not revealed, but every transaction is logged correctly, and people use these logs to do some research about these transactions. Additionally, these cases rarely happen. If a situation with ATMs results in account fees, financial institutions will also credit the user’s account for these fees.


Always note the time of the questioned transaction and gather as much evidence as you can

Automated Teller Machine also swallows checks from time to time, not just paper money. If people need to use an ATM and it goes haywire, always make sure they note the time of the questioned transaction. Sometimes, individuals don’t use a particular account to make extensive deposits; that is one of the top reasons to use an ATM in your dispensary or area.

These transactions can “trip” security features that suspect possible fraudulent activities. Because of this, clients’ banks or credit unions freeze their funds while trying to verify that the deposit or withdrawal is valid. It is pretty inconvenient, since people have bills to pay every month, and these holds will not be settled for at least three working days.

Experts recommend that individuals take mobile phone images of the error screen of the machine if they experience a botched transaction. Customers may want to copy the serial number of the paper money before inserting it into the machine. The more evidence individuals can gather, the better.