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When to Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance – Before Or at the Border?

When to Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance – Before Or at the Border?

Mexico remains a great destination for vacationing or holiday with boundless flora and fauna. The people happen to be very friendly and welcoming and the country in general offers a superb experience that is definitely worth a try. Before embarking on your Mexican vacation and sampling the sights and sounds, there are a number of things that you should take care of. One of the most important requirements is your Mexican auto insurance if you happen to be tagging your ride along.

What most people don’t know is the fact that once you are out of the States, your American car insurance doesn’t really hold. Some border states e.g. California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona usually have agreements with Mexican authorities to ease cross border commuting for people working in Mexico and living in the US. The bottom line however is that most garages and other car repair firms do not recognize American insurance.

Mexican regulations require that visitors coming into Mexico have a vacation car insurance policy. It usually lasts the duration of your holiday. They are available in various increments which range from daily to monthly. Regular insurance policy is required if you plan on staying for a couple of months. It is always good to purchase Mexican automobile insurance policy before you actually travel. This can be done months or a few weeks before you start your vacation. There are a number of companies that deal primarily with insurance issues on both sides of the border. For those who prefer crossing a bridge when they encounter one, you can always purchase Mexican automobile insurance at the border post where there are numerous offices that specifically deal with this. It is a relatively simple and straight forward affair.

Mexican vacations are certainly not the time to be in trouble with foreign authorities just because you don’t have auto insurance policy for your car. Make sure that you consider every aspect of purchasing Mexican automobile insurance i.e. whether beforehand, online or at the border. Weigh each of them carefully and decide on the option that best suits your travel arrangements.