The Cost of a Home Insurance Policy May Differ Between Providers

The Cost of a Home Insurance Policy May Differ Between Providers

The cost of a home insurance policy may differ between providers so if you want to ensure that you have the lowest quotes and the cover you need you may want to allow a specialist broker to find you the best deal. Along with the cost of the insurance varying so does what is included in the policy. For instance, you may get more benefits with one provider than with another, or more incentives. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your cover

– If you are taking out buildings and contents insurance you may be able to make savings on the cost of the insurance if you take out both policies together. Some providers may include up to so much worth of contents insurance free if you take their buildings insurance, however check that the premiums they offer are not over the top as they may have boosted them up to reflect the fact that they have included contents insurance.

– When deciding how much to insure your contents for never just guess as to how much insurance you may need. It may be surprising when you go around your home taking an inventory and counting everything how as to how much your belongings add up to. Do not forget to count items in cupboards, drawers, in a garage or in your loft. 

– If you have computer equipment in your home, you may wish to check if these are covered. Usually the insurance policy covers one computer but if you have a main desktop computer, and two family members have a laptop each you need to check if these are insured too as there may be a limit.

– Check the small print of any home insurance UK policy you are considering taking out to find out what limitations there is to claiming for a single item. Usually the policy states a maximum amount you may claim back in the event of a single item being stolen from your home.

– If you want to keep down the premiums for the insurance, you may offer to pay more in excess than the insurance provider is asking. Excess is asked for by all insurance providers and is the amount you have to find towards any claim you make. While this may help to keep down the monthly premiums you do have to take into account that you need to pay this in a lump sum if you claim, so do not go overboard.

A home insurance policy may consist of contents and buildings insurance together or you may just take one or the other with a provider. However, while contents insurance is not mandatory, buildings insurance must be taken when you take out a mortgage. This provides insurance for the shell of the building if it were to have to be totally rebuilt. For example if your home were to suffer damage from storm, flood or subsidence and it had to be razed to the ground and rebuilt, the insurance covers the cost or clearing the site and rebuilding.