Secondary Driver Insurance – Extra Protection For Your Car

Secondary Driver Insurance – Extra Protection For Your Car

Having a car is great. Yet, in order to have peace of mind when driving, you need to have car insurance. It is a necessity not only in the United States, but in most countries around the world. Thus, by law, it is illegal to drive your car without insurance.

Secondary driver insurance is useful if you have a son or daughter who drives your car. You can include them on your car insurance as secondary drivers and everyone is protected. Having your son or your daughter as the main driver of the vehicle is not advised since it will cost more.

Due to the current economic crisis, lots of young drivers are resorting to less than legal means of getting coverage. Don’t do this if you get caught you will get charged with insurance fraud. To avoid unnecessary waste, list your son or daughter as a secondary driver never be the main driver.

Young drivers should look for a better way to get cheap car insurance. Driving a small easy maintainable vehicle in order to get a lower premium and insurance of your own is a good place to start. If you don’t own a car and you are driving your parent’s car, then ask your parents to add you on their insurance policy as secondary driver.

If parents add their son or daughter to their insurance policy as second drivers then expect an increase in premiums. The increase will depend on their age range. If your son/daughter is 16 to 24 then for sure you will have a higher premium but if they are 25 years of age or older the increase will be much smaller.

Then they can be considered as a secondary driver on your policy. But, they have to see their driving experience and record as assessment to determine the type of increase you can expect.

Take note that the person listed as second driver can receive the same benefits as the main driver or primary. Always see to it that the secondary driver is on the list of your insurance policy even he/she does not drive the car so often because when time comes that when he/she drives the car then meet an accident, the insurance company will cover the accident.

If you own two cars, you can be the main driver for one car but not be the main driver on the other car. If both people are registered drivers then the other one can be the second driver on the other car or vice versa.

In every situation, there are always advantages and disadvantages, so one should keep them in mind. What is important in one’s life is safety rather than saving a certain amount of money. A life is worth more than a few dollars less on coverage.