Marijuana Detection thru Hair Follicle Drug Test

If you are going to observe the method used to detect illicit medications today, then you will see that there is an increase in the interest of performing such exam, using hair follicles. It is true that the most popular is through a urine sample, but a more accurate way is needed. Well, it is not that they do not trust the UDT results. Indeed, it is also accurate and effective. But cheating the human liquid waste is widespread. Therefore, those who are requiring for a medical test has to order an individual to perform a hair drug test.

This method is indeed, strict and you cannot cheat your specimen while on the laboratory center or clinic. But marijuana users will always find a way to get a negative result. One is by using a hair detox shampoo – more here for product reviews. Since you are already aware that you will be required to do such exams in the future – be prepared for it. Detoxifying or cleansing methods done one time cannot save you from this requirement. You have to repeat the solution every day, especially when you just can’t stop smoking weed.

Anyway, it is not enough to know what type of laboratory exam you will have to perform. It is also great, if you will also have enough understanding on how this works, the THC detection period and the methods that you are planning to do with beating it. These are just the basic information that is necessary for you to know when you are smoking marijuana.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

A hair drug test is just one method done to screen the use of illicit medications, such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP, amphetamine and methamphetamine to name a few. The expert will need to cut about 50 to 120 strands of specimen, below the crown or close to the scalp of the patient’s head. When this is not enough, they may also collect from the other parts of your body. They need to cut 1.5-inches as a sample.

Actually, you may also receive a positive result, even when you are not a marijuana smoker. For example, when a user touches your hair after holding it and someone is smoking near you. These instances are enough for you to be positive.

A few factors are considered, affecting the concentration of THC or various metabolites in the specimen. We have the structure of the drug compounds, quantity consumed, the amount of sweat and melanin as well as bleaching or dying.

THC Detection Time

When you would like to know how long the THC will stay in your body, you won’t get an answer to this because there is no definite time for how it remains in your system. The moment you start smoking, it will enter the body and go to the different parts through the bloodstream. But this examination will not detect what you have just taken, instead it will check your history of drugs used for the past 90 days.

Though through this, whatever you smoked or consumed will be seen after 5 to 7 days. The THC may have left your bloodstream by that time. But the sebum as well as the sweat found on your scalp may contribute to the presence of THC in every strand.

By the way, there are a few things that affect the length of stay of the metabolites in your system. First is the frequency of use. If you are a regular weed smoker, then it may take longer to clean. Second is the THC’s concentration level. Of course, the higher the potency is, the longer for the traces to remain. Third, the method of using weed. The level of toxins may drop in a few days or even hours after smoking. While those who have ingested it will have to wait a bit longer because it would be slower to break down the toxins. Lastly, we have your weight because the toxins stay in the fatty tissues.


To detoxify and clean your body from toxins, you have to clean your hair and scalp regularly. DO you know when you are going to perform the laboratory exam? If you do, then use detox shampoos ahead of time. If possible, use it 3 to 4 times a day. And then, after applying this solution, you have to let it sit for 3 minutes. Do not forget to massage the scalp, so that you can remove the residue.

Be very careful when purchasing detox shampoos because there are products with low quality. This may damage your hair strands. When this happens, you are not allowed to take the said clinical test. And then, the experts may also suspect that you are indeed, a drug dependent. Well, they may think that you wanted to avoid the exam, even if you did not mean to cause damages.

It is also necessary to check yourself at home. In my opinion, you do not need to be an expert to perform this in your room. You just need to buy a kit and carefully follow the instructions on how to use it. Wait for the result and hope for a negative one. If this one did not fail, then you are all set and ready for that day.

The Results

An ELISA screening is used to check your sample. Through this, you can get a negative result within 24 hours. It only means that there is no marijuana engagement for the past 90 days. Sometimes, additional exams are required for confirmation. Read here for more info on ELISA.

You can receive a positive result within 72 hours. This is done through a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or a GC/MS.

Sometimes, it is also possible for your specimen to be rejected, that’s why an inconclusive result will be received. In this case, you will be asked to come back for another sample. You may find this annoying, but you cannot complain when you are ask for it.