Getting Insurance Before You Travel

Getting Insurance Before You Travel

Planning a trip can get kind of stressful and it’s easy to overlook something like travel insurance. Most people don’t realize just how much this kind of insurance covers, so either leave it until the last minute or don’t purchase any at all. Looking at the things that can go wrong during a trip can really encourage people into getting insurance before they travel.

Trip cancellation: If your need to cancel your vacation this part of cover is essential. You are able to claim back the non-refundable parts of your trip such as plane tickets and accommodation. The main reasons covered in this are a death in your family, being too sick to travel, losing your job and having your house damaged by fire. Although these seem like pretty specific reasons, they need to be this way to stop people from claiming unnecessarily.

Damaged, lost or stolen baggage: Baggage cover will pay up to the policy limit for all personal effects and travel documents if this occurs. Although each policy differs it is usually between $500 to $2000.

Medical Evacuation: This covers everything from a simple ride to the local hospital to a medical flight back to your home country. Depending on which provider you choose you could be insured for up to $1,000,000. This seems like a lot of money, but just a short medically assisted flight requires specialized equipment, medically trained professionals, medical specialists if required and all supplies. This often needs to be done on a private aircraft.

Trip Interruption: this is similar to trip cancellation in that it will pay for any non-refundable items, but this occurs once you have already begun your trip. You can make a claim for this if you need to head home due to illness or another kind of emergency. The expenses incurred making last minute travel arrangements are also covered.

Medical Emergencies: It is often believed that your own health insurance will cover any medical situation, even when abroad. This is not the case. If you seek any medical help when you are outside you own country, you will have to pay for it yourself unless you have trip insurance. Having this guarantees you a safer and more relaxed trip, knowing that whatever accidents may happen, you will be looked after correctly without high expenses. Usually companies offer around $1,000,000 in emergency medical coverage.

Sports Coverage: This is essential if you are planning on taking part in any sports whist out of the country as the medical part of travel insurance usually excludes any high risk activities such as skiing and water-sports. This means that if you injure yourself without sports coverage, you will have to pay for this from your own pocket. This also covers any sport related equipment you have hired or bought such as ski lift passes and skis, should your trip be cancelled or delayed.

There are some helpful websites that allow you to compare insurance and getting insurance that is right for you. Be sure to read each policy carefully as some do not include extras like sports coverage, so that will have to be added in separately.