Do Laminated Mailers Last Long?

After spending hours figuring out how to design your company mailers, you finally get a design of your choice. A marketing piece with perfect colors and designs showcases your brand. However, your printable requires lamination to last longer and creates a professional look.

Increases Lifespan

Lamination extends the life of mailers, maps, posters, and other materials. The plastic cover secures prints that are handled frequently and stay longer. A laminated mailer is also protected from weather elements like sun or rain.


Lamination improves strength and stiffness, boosting the quality of the mailers. Material laminated with 100% patented solventless is very stable. The method doesn’t need ovens to cure.

Easier Application

Printed materials age and fade over time. If a customer keeps the card in a wallet or is exposed to sunlight, the material may not be useful for a long time. Luckily, lamination is easier to apply on surfaces.

Resistant Against Tear And Wear

Lamination prevents printed papers from getting discolored, smudged, wrinkled, creased, or marked. This means a customer can live with your company mailers for a longer time.

Improved Look

Every laminated mailer pops. The vibrant and shiny print materials attract customers who may be interested in reading the content. If you want your mailers to look more professional, use glossy images instead of paper prints.

Better Protection

Laminate products are made of high-quality plastic, which makes them very durable. In case of spills or marks, use a towel to wipe. A laminated mailer is protected from UV rays, thus prolonging the color intensity and durability.


With lamination, you don’t have to manually laminate the printed materials to protect them from wear. It also extends the lifespan of the mailers, saving money on frequent reprinting. In addition, lamination is cost-effective.

Using laminated mailers ensures your customers and potential clients keep the cards without them becoming unreadable. Lamination also creates a professional impression and is a cost-effective technique for ensuring the cards are used for long time.