Caterers’ Insurance – Four Top Benefits

Caterers’ Insurance – Four Top Benefits

For a small monthly fee, caterers insurance allows you to keep on functioning no matter what happens to your business.

1 – Gain Client Trust

As a caterer, you want to appear as professional as possible when dealing with customers, from the moment they call you up on the phone. One of the first questions any savvy customer will ask is whether you have insurance. Insurance ensures that they’ll get what they’re paying for no matter what accidents may occur. In the event of food poisoning, you’ll have the money to pay for any medical attention. In the event of a vehicle accident, you’ll be able to rent another vehicle to finish the job. The customer won’t be left hanging if you have sufficient caterers insurance.

2 – Catering Insurance Covers Everything

Often, catering vehicles have to be specially modified to be able to handle all the special equipment used by caterers. Auto insurance won’t cover you if you’ve made too many modifications to your vehicle unless you purchase additional options. Furthermore, why would you sign up for multiple types of insurance? You need workplace accident insurance to cover kitchen injuries, liability insurance to cover legal expenses, and auto insurance to cover the car. Why not just roll it all up into one easy monthly caterers insurance payment?

3 – Customers Can Be Difficult

Sometimes a customer wants to take legal action against your business for dubious reasons. If you have the money for it, that’s fine, but if you’re struggling, the additional legal time and expense can be difficult to fund. Catering insurance lets you deal with any unexpected interruptions to the successful flow of your business by effectively being your emergency fund. Every month you pay into the emergency fund, and then when an emergency happens you get a large chunk of money.

4 – Protect Your Food Storage

One ill-timed power outage can ruin your entire business if you don’t have catering insurance. Imagine having all of your food in the refrigerator spoil overnight or over a weekend holiday. No matter how well your business is doing, that can really set you back. When you have caterers insurance, you can rest easy when you’re off work, because the money will be there if anything bad happens to your assets. If there’s a fire, a flood, a power outage or burglary regarding your catering business, you will be provided with enough money to completely replenish the assets that you lost.

Caterers insurance is essential to the proper functioning of any catering business. If you’re just starting up, consider speaking with an insurance broker about ways that you can keep your business safe from its perilous early days of operations through its thriving future.