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Basic Info about Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano was born to a Jewish family in Debdou Morocco in the year 1952. He was raised in Marseilles France with his four siblings: Georges, Armand, Maurice, and Jacqueline.He comes from a family of religious leaders. His father was a rabbi in Marseilles from the year 1954 to 1986. They were all brought up in an apartment situated inside the synagogue where all of his brothers were members. At fifteen years, Paul had a collision with a close friend. For seven months following the accident, Paul was stuck to a wheelchair, and the doctors asserted that he would not regain his ability to walk. Nonetheless, after around a year or so, his limbs regained the ability to walk, though the school that he attended rejected his readmission owed to staying away for long. Incapable to finish his education, he moved to Israel to live in kibbutz.

At age seventeen, Paul returned to Marseilles where he became a salesperson in a jeans shop. Over the weekends, he worked during his free time with his two brothers. At this period, the brothers designed ties while Maurice made them. Paul’s role was selling these ties, so he went to and from Paris for this venture. They diversified and began selling women blouses of a similar color and style.

The brothers got to travel for a week and a half to the Beverly hotel in L.A in October 1977. Before leaving, they bought a condo and signed contracts for two stores. After three weeks George went back to L.A and stayed there with Maurice. In 1981 Paul and his brothers left France because of several reasons some of them being tax disputes with the French officials. By the time they were moving out of France Paul Marciano was the only one who could speak English because he had learned in school, but his brothers did not speak English at all.

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Georges and Maurice started a company known as guess while Armand and Paul still managed retail operations of MGA which had already opened four stores in the USA. The next year Paul Marciano joined his brothers at Guess where he did advertising for the company. His efforts had borne fruits because the following year sales had escalated to six million dollars. Since guess had become popular it was approached by interested parties to partner with them. The collaboration between guess and jorsache did not last long since there was fraudulent affairs on the partnering company.

In the year 1993 Paul Marciano was elected the president and the chief executive officer of the business. A year later Paul married his first wife Kimberly and together they had two kids Nicolai and Ella. Paul and Maurice together owned almost 70 percent of the 44 million shares in the year 2004.

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