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A Comprehensive View of What Court Reporting Is All About

A number of people have preconceptions about court reporting, one of it is that it’s a boring job but in reality it’s not really as boring as what they think it is. The main reason why people thought of it as a boring job is the fact that court reporters have to deal paperwork that are mostly related to legal procedures but what they don’t know is that these people are able to witness a number of exciting court drama.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Court Reporter?

If one wishes to be a certified court reporter they need to take pass the licensure exam that is conducted by a group of court reporting specialist. Keep in mind that a person might also be connected to certain organization for court reporters. For certain organizations they require their member to type of at least 250 words or 225 words per minute.

It is also a must for court reporters to undertake examinations in transcription, speed and writing skills to further improved their skills in their field.

What Are the Specific Tasks That Court Reporters Do

The work of court reporter is not just limited to transcribing and documentation of litigations and statements of the people involved in the entire court trial.

– Capture the dialogue of the people inside the court using different pieces of equipment like covered microphones, audio and video recorders as well as stenography machines.
– State the identification of the speaker along with its gestures and movements.
– If the judge asks for a play back or a report of a certain part in the court trial they are also the ones who will do it.
– They can also ask the speakers to clarify their statements if it’s not audible or it’s unclear.
– Reexamine their notes that include the names of the speakers and any technical terms used in the entire court trial.
– If there are certain errors in the transcripts, they are the ones who will edit it.
– Issue copies of the transcripts and recordings to the people involve in the trial and the counsels.
– For viewers who have hearing problems, they also provide transcriptions presented on screens.

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Overall, those are just some of the common things that court reporters do. The main goal of every court reporter is to provide a good quality report that shall document every aspect of the entire court procedure. In making good reports it is very essential for court reporters to be cognizant with grammar, punctuations and spelling after all any alterations might result to a different meaning. Proficiency in spoken and written language is vital for all court reporters for without these skills, they would not be able to produce good quality reports.

It is also a necessity for court reports to know a thing or two about the case so that the their reports are relevant and on point.

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