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Factors to Consider When Choosing Self Storage Units in Dubai

If you have just sold your home recently and you are still looking for a new place to move, it is more clear that ever before that you need a storage unit for your personal properties. Choosing a storage unit can be quite the process more so if you do not know how to go about it. However with the following insights you should be able to find the best self storage solutions for your properties in Dubai as fast as possible.

Your needs

Nobody understand yourself better than you do. When choosing your self storage unit, the above philosophy should hold water too. If you want to rent out the best unit that will not only fit all your properties but also guarantee their safety and property storage you need to get your research right from the start. Once you’ve got this list you will be able to make informed choices on a number of items including the dimensions, security features and the specific type of storage unit you will need.

Size of your storage unit

The second important factor when it comes to choosing your storage unit is the size. To begin with, the size of your unit will determine if your properties match or not and secondly the size will influence in your prices. While this is true smaller storage units may not accommodate all your properties hence leading you to hire a secondary unit thus costing you more in the long run. When choosing you storage unit therefore, it is important that you ensue you pay close attention to the size of your unit that will be as per your budget and also accommodate all your properties.

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Consider security

When choosing a storage alternative service, everyone has the security of the possessions in your mind. While most storage units offer security to their customers properties, some storage units are more security-focused than others. With this in mind therefore you need to choose a facility with your very best interest in mind. Some of the important indicators of a secure facility will include; secure fences, no-entry to non member, 24 hour manned security guards and video surveillance just to name but a few. Once these concerns are addressed go further and request the insurance cover of the facility.


Those who have employed the services of self storage centers understand just how much of importance this stage is when picking your own unit. The closer the storage facility is to the city the more expensive it is and the further away the cheaper it is. If you are looking to save some bucks of your storage unit then the latter option will suffice. If you will regularly need to access your properties from the storage unit, then it is more advisable to rent one that is at the heart of the city.

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