SEO Experts in Marin Know the Importance of Relevant and User-Friendly Content

Website owners may worry that because search engine programming has become very focused on valuable content over the years, optimizing a site to rise in the rankings will be more difficult than it used to be. In reality, SEO experts in Marin understand that the process has become much more natural. This is better for Web users and can even be easier for site owners.

Then and Now

Years ago, articles and blogs often included keywords and phrases placed specifically for optimization purposes without regard to what readers might think. Now, online marketing professionals avoid that strategy. Instead, they develop written content and other features that make the sites entirely appealing to users instead of trying to outguess the search engine. Paradoxically, this works for SEO.

Outdated Methodology

Outdated SEO methodology commonly used two tactics that were not appealing to people who arrived at the site. One was to provide relevant content but to overuse certain keywords, making the reading process annoying. Another technique was even less effective. That involved sprinkling keywords important to marketing in the midst of content that had nothing to do with the keywords.

These methods could drive the site to the top of the search engine ranking and thus attract people to the site. However, many of those prospective customers became irritated upon clicking the link in the listings and not finding what they expected. The company lost the person’s business to a competitor with a better-designed site.

Today’s SEO

What SEO strategists with a company such as Vertical Media Labs must do now is two-pronged. First, they must develop methods that drive websites up in search rankings so people can easily find those sites. Research has shown that people using a search engine nearly always choose a result on the first page. If they don’t find what they want, they tend to modify the search parameters instead of clicking on the second page.

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Second, they must help clients create websites that are very appealing to the people who find them. Once those individuals have clicked the link, they should feel satisfied enough with the result to spend time there getting familiar with the site and hopefully placing an order.