Plan Your Office Space for a Successful Experience

Your office layout is about much more than just appearance. Even the coolest chairs are no good if they are too uncomfortable to spend extended time working from them. There are a few things that can be done with an open office space to create an effective and attractive working environment that will be a comfortable place for your employees to work.

The Layout

An open concept office space has the potential to be as noisy and chaotic as a soccer game. Avoid these problems by considering some hearing-friendly materials such as noise absorbing ceiling tiles or a flat carpeting as opposed to a polished concrete or linoleum floor that echoes and emphasized every squeaking wheel or bumped rubbish bin. Choose acoustic dividers that can baffle voices, the ringing of phones and the beeping of faxes can help maintain privacy and concentration.

The Furnishings

Whether you need conference tables, individual desks or lobby furniture, keep one term in mind: ergonomic. This term refers to furniture that is not only designed for its looks but also for comfort and the prevention of back strain and other job-related health problems. Choose from the office furniture Indiana employers prefer to meet both requirements. Your employees will be more productive if they are more comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

Materials and Supplies

Organize a supply room that makes sense. Place heavier items at waist height or below to prevent back strain from employees lifting over their heads. Label drawers or cupboards to make locating paper clips or staple refills more simple. Locate this supply room in close proximity to the area where items will be used to cut down on wasted time getting to and from the supplies.

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Don’t forget a nice break room where employees can listen to music, get a cup of coffee or soft drink and relax completely for their break period. Think about your office pool area as if you were going to have to work there yourself and set it up for a successful work experience.