Life and Litter: Contents Under Pressure

In today’s society people talk about a cleaner greener Earth. The world could be a nicer place if we stopped littering or if we recycled more. One of the most difficult things when it comes to following the steps of recycling or not littering, is our lives. For most people, the day-to-day life gets in the way of living better. How can we intertwine what we know is better for our environment with our daily grind? Trash is the answer.

Look at our energy resources. Coal, natural gas, and oil are our fossil fuels. We need to understand that the resources we currently use for our energy have a two-fold issue, they won’t last forever, and they are ruining our environment. Giving considerable thought to sustainability should be a step that is taken sooner than later. Studies prove that we are depleting our natural resources / fossil fuels at a high rate. What does this have to do with littering and recycling you ask? Let’s look at landfills.

Most landfills are currently in more than just the trash business. The ever-changing patterns in the world of economics forces businesses to evolve. Landfills are one of these types of businesses. The National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) under the eye of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps to regulate waste disposal and landfills. Regulations and business evolution have given us a cleaner and greener way to live. This takes us back to trash. Looking at our day-to-day tasks and the amount of waste we produce could make some people down right nauseous. With the changes in the way trash is looked at from a business point of view, however, no one needs to get sick over trash any longer.

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Have you ever rented a dumpster or seen a dumpster being used by a neighbor or area business? I’m sure you have. Big cities use an astronomical number of dumpsters. Think about the amount of dumpster rentals chicago il would have. Imagine the amount of waste, trash, litter in one of those dumpsters. Now imagine that in the landfills across Chicago. Landfills are doing something about this colossal amount of trash; turning it into energy. We have come to a point in time when we need to look for unique ways to create sustainable energy.

Trash is being turned into energy; fuel for most transportation and government vehicles. This fuel spoken of is compressed natural gas (CNG) is vital in the start of looking at landfills in a different light. Trash is lowering our carbon-footprint. Waste companies and landfills are not only taking the trash collected and compacting it into CNG, they are saving the environment by burning a more efficient fuel.

A two-fold problem of finding a cleaner greener solution to save our planet is not just a thought, it has been a proven reality. Understanding that we need to keep our planet clean is not the issue any longer. The issue now stands with this simple choice; recycle and throw trash where it belongs so that it can be used for a more efficient fuel or continue to talk about how things could be better and still continue to litter.