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Pros of Indoor Rowing and How to Stay On Top Of It

Chances are that you have a rowing machine in the gym you go to but have you ever given it a try? The health benefits that you get when you engage in indoor rowing are similar in any other engaging workout. You will not only lose weight but you will also achieve the tone that you are after. Today rowing is a sport that is recognized internationally and people hold competitions, that’s how accepted it is. The indoor rowing is a great workout that will give you good cardiovascular exercise and you can switch it up with the treadmill or the exercise bike.

The cross action activity that engages different muscle groups will be intense for you. Unlike running, this kind of workout gives you intense sessions without having great impacts on your legs. Running has a lot of your energy going to sustain the impact to your legs, looking at the position you will be in when indoor rowing the energy gets to go through the muscles making it quite engaging. Many may not realize that indoor rowing is more than cardio, you target many upper body muscles and that makes it a good upper body exercise where you don’t stress with weights.

Having established how much of a gem the indoor rowing is to your overall workout, it is only right that you find ways of making it fun when you hit the gym. Not every person is built for long gym sessions, some will work better with short intense sessions that have intervals of rests that last for around thirty seconds between them. The benefit of switching up things a little in this manner is that you build more stamina and burn more fat within a short period of time. Switching your workouts could also involve incorporating other short workouts in between the rowing exercises.

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Bring in friends to provide some competition, you would be surprised just how much motivation that can be for you. Craft a playlist that lifts your spirit for a workout and brings it to the gym, by doing that you will build your stamina and be in good moods the entire time. When working out you need to have goals or something to look forward to, it could be gaining muscle or toning your body and for others just staying fit, with indoor rowing you are able to cover more than one goals making it ideal. Work out apps are also good to have especially because they will help you stay focused and organized.

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