How to Open a Gas Station

Gas stations aren’t going away any time soon; as of 2016, 222 million Americans owned a car. If you have the start-up capital and want to put it toward a sound investment, a gas station can be very profitable. With the right people to help with market research and construction, you can get started.

Find A Location

Visibility and accessibility are essential for a steady flow of customers to a gas station. Make sure your site is on a main road and signage can easily be viewed by approaching vehicles. Corner lots are beneficial because traffic is naturally slower, allowing easy entry and exit. Research demographics and competition. In a mile and a half radius, you will want at least 15,000 homes. Having competitors in the area is a good sign. It means that if others are successful there, you can be too.


Unless you have previous experience and a contractor’s license, you will need to hire a company to design and build your station. Be sure to hire someone who specializes in gas station construction because it is not an average construction project. The company will help with important decisions and make sure you are abiding by all the permits and regulations. You’ll need to consider how many pumps you need, what kind of canopy, how many cash registers, refrigerators, etc. Additionally, when choosing a company, try to find a full-service company that can design, construct, and maintain your station.

Be Creative  

Ingenuity and consistency are essential to successful businesses. What can you offer that others do not? Could you have the most beautiful restrooms or car wash? Could you provide full-service or alternative fuels? Find what makes your brand stand out and delight your customers.

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Building a gas station can be rewarding and profitable. With proper planning and execution, you can have a high-performing, sustainable business.