How Big Rigs Help the Economy by Traveling Across the States

No matter where you are in your car, chances are you see at least one or two big trucks on any given main street, freeway, or toll road across the United States. Filled to capacity with goods, most of these big rigs are moving long haul with items for cities that may be 18 or more hours away. According to the American Trucking Association experts, those huge truck are carrying more than 65% of the freight transported across the US.

Truckers Keep the Economy Flowing

In order to drive a huge transport truck, the driver must take a group of special classes – and for good reason. Some of the truckers are on the road for a week at a time driving over 12 hours a day. Sometimes the semis have large sleeping compartments that allow a team of two to move the truck on the road for longer periods of time. So, unless there is an accident, and they suddenly need a high pressure O ring kit, you can be sure your grocery store is filled by one of the over seven million big rig drivers every time you need fresh items.

Without Truckers You Would Starve

It is not an exaggeration to state that truckers keep most people alive. If there were a trucking strike or a natural disaster that prevented truckers from getting to an area of the US, what would happen? There are only three days-worth of fruits and vegetables in your market right now. Hospitals would use almost all their supplies within a week, ATMs would be empty in two days, and most restaurants would close after four days. Most surprising of all, bottled drinking water in the area would be gone in two to three weeks.

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Next time you see a big rig passing by as you drive down the freeway, offer a silent salute, and thank you to the driver that keeps the economy flowing and fills your local grocery stores. They work hard to keep you alive.