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Your Ultimate Guide to Crown Molding and Pot Light Installation Crown molding can be challenging because walls are not always flat and nailing can be difficult. How can you achieve a beautiful crown molding? In this article, we will be focusing on a project combining standard crown molding with two-pieces of mold base trim. It is a good idea measuring the length of the wall for the crown molding so you can buy pieces that are long enough to span each wall, and to prevent scarfing pieces together. If you are planning to use a light-colored stain choose pieces of similar tone. We highly advised using brad nailer and miter saw for faster work. If you want a rich and larger look od your crown molding, you can combine it with other types of trim like those with contrasting woods to achieve a two-tone effect. Unlike one-piece crown wherein you need to drive nails where there is framing behind the drywall, you can use a built-up crown for better nailing. Most carpenters put lines and marks right on the ceilings and walls and hide them with paint. For an easier work, you can use an easy-release masking tape with at least 2 inches wide to stick on walls and ceilings. If you are planning to paint the ceiling and walls, you have to wait a couple of weeks before applying the tape, otherwise, it won’t stick well. It is a good idea leaving the easy-release tape in place until you are done painting finishing the trim. When it comes to the actual trim placement, add the piece to the right next to the first piece in place, and work around the room in that direction, so in that way, you will make most of your 45-degree cuts using a miter saw. It makes your job a lot easier to hold, cutting marks easier to see. The corners of your room may not be a perfect square, so you have to use test pieces in order to find the right angle for each corner, and you need to miter the ceiling rails inside and outside. Miter wall rails at outside corners and the inside corners are coped, wherein wall coping is like coping a crown except that you need to stand the trim upright against the fence of the saw when you are making the 45-degree miter. When it comes to crown molding and pot installation, DIY can save you labor cost but hiring a professional can save you so much time and energy. Visit our website and check the best crown molding and pot installation companies today!The 5 Laws of Resources And How Learn More

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