4 Essential Supplies Every New Notary Needs

If you’ve decided you want to become a notary public, you likely are wondering what supplies you need to successfully completely your job once you’ve turned in all the required paperwork and passed your exam. Requirements for stamps, seals, and other supplies vary from state to state, so you always need to make sure to check your state’s requirements. To successfully perform your job, make sure you have the following tools before you get started.

1. Notary Stamp or Embossing Seal

While there are a few states that do not require a notary public to use a notary stamp or embossing seal, it always recommended that you do so. The type of stamp or seal you need will depend on your state’s requirements. These requirements will determine whether you need a self-inking stamp in black or colored ink or if an embossed seal is necessary. If you’re not sure where to get a notary stamp, there are several places to look including from an online vendor, state notary association, or national notary association.

2. Notary Record Book

Many states require notaries to keep a record of each document they notarize and to include information such as the date and time, the name and signature of the client, the type of notarization, the document type, the fee charged, and the thumbprint of the signer. Even if a record book is not required in your state, is common practice to keep one.

3. Inkless Thumb Printer

It is important to have a thumb printer on hand each time you notarize a document so you can easily get the thumbprint of the signer. Opt for an inkless printer to avoid leaving ink residue on the finger.

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4. Copy of Errors and Omissions Insurance

It is important to purchase errors and omissions insurance as a notary and to carry paper copies with you wherever you go. Many title companies require proof of at least $100,000 coverage.