Tips on playing table tennis

Table tennis sometimes does not get a decent appreciation. In some places, this game is just a way to spend a little time in the garage. Whereas in some places, this is a game that can generate prizes of hundreds of millions of dollars for the champion. If you want to play table tennis better than a hobby, take your bet and start learning how.

Start playing

Buy a good quality bet. You need a bet with a good head section, which allows the placement of most or all of your grip strength. If you are a beginner, choose a special bet for beginners, which is designed to strike with less twisting and lower speeds on the balls that are hard to return. If you’re ready for the next stage, buy a medium to high speed bet that has maximum control and is designed to emphasize playing techniques.

Start playing in the ready position

Your body must be balanced, relaxed and ready to move in any direction. Actually, after each hit, you should try to get back to the ready position. Make sure that your active arm is ready to hit the ball anyway.

Prepare to move quickly

The ball can move anywhere, depending on the placement and direction of the blow. If you stand in the ready position, you will have a physical speed ready to launch as it begins to move. Take advantage of this! Fast opponents will be hard to beat.

Point the blow to the corner

If you managed to land a ball in a corner, experienced players were almost impossible to successfully return it. The edge of the table is also a good target. However, if you are not too skilled to direct the blows appropriately, do not risk it. You will actually lose points if the ball falls outside the table.

Keep the ball low

With its position just a little above the net. Remember this rule: the smaller the distance, the smaller the angle. The lower your ball goes beyond the net, the harder it is for your opponent to strike back with great angles. In addition, it is even more difficult for your opponent to hit back the ball hard enough.

Know your mistakes

There are many mistakes and things to count as additional points for your opponent. For example, if the ball falls twice before it goes over the net, this means you lose one point. Also while doing the first blow (serve), you must throw the ball upward about 12 cm tall. Otherwise, this will be counted as an error.