Golf Playing Tips For Beginners

interested in playing golf, but do not know where to go? It’s easy, start looking for the driving range and find a coach who can guide how to play golf properly. But beforehand there are some things to consider in the sport of golf:


like other sports, playing golf also requires patience. Step by step must be traversed for your punch to perfect. Both old and young, should start by practicing hitting the ball.

Go to driving range

as a first step, you can go directly to the driving range for the practice of hitting the ball. If necessary, you can also find a trainer for beginners to make your practice more effective and correct. The exercises in the driving range are important because you will learn how to hit the ball and how to hit the ball. When you are sure of the technique and how to hit the ball, you can go directly to the real field.

Club set

when you can hit the ball well and correctly, you may consider buying a club set (complete golf stick 1 set). New sticks may be owned if you do have excess money. As a beginner, you should use stick seken because of love if you use a new one.

Other equipment

do not forget to equip yourself with support equipment such as, golf shoes, hat, glove or golf gloves, small towels, polo modeled t-shirts and hats.

Ready mentally

sports golf requires considerable mental readiness in training. In the driving range there will be many people who practice just like you. There, there is a really serious practice, just idly filling free time, or just looking around. Keep concentrating on learning to play golf. Do not be afraid and groggy in hitting the ball. Concentrate on the ball position, body posture and of course the swing.

Hour away

keep the desire to hit far. That is, do not first see the results, but try to pay attention to the process, whether the ball has been hit perpendicular to the club surface? Are our swing back swings too straight or too flat? Stick position at the time of back swing (back swing) very determine our down swing. Then notice whether the position of the club surface is perpendicular to the surface of the ball?

Use the ball as needed

practicing on the driving range is a lot of cost and energy. Call it like the cost of renting the ball and tip using caddy services. The more the ball is used, the higher the cost. Similarly, if not using caddy services.

Golf simulator

if you want to feel the sensation of learning a different golf, you can also come to a place that provides a simulator to play golf like golfmax.