Benefits of playing games for children

Playing the game turned out to have many benefits that you can take when for some people playing games have a bad impact but it depends on how we play what games are excessive or just for mere entertainment. Game well here are some benefits of playing the game you should know. Want to know what benefits, that refer 10 benefits of playing the following games:

Physical activity

There are many video games on the market that in operation require some type of physical activity. Whether it is dancing or playing the guitar. This is where parents need the ingenuity to have a kind of game for their kids, which can force them (children) to move rather than having to sit on the couch all day.

Fitness and nutrition

Many games incorporate elements of fitness, nutrition and healthy living as the game’s main objective. Not even a few games that present their game’s main objective on physical fitness aimed at encouraging players to lose weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eye and hand coordination

Playing video games can actually improve your child’s ability, which is very useful for performing daily activities. Actually, there are many types of sports that can be done to improve the coordination between the hands and the eyes, but it is less interesting children desire to try it

Social skills

Lack of social skills and the ability to interact with others on a regular basis can impair the development of children and even cause depression. Shy and less confident children when socializing with their friends may find it easier to open up when playing video games. By playing online games, children can interact with many people, even people they do not know.

Improved learning ability

The complexity of games gives your child the opportunity to improve cognitive skills such as solving problems and making decisions. Video games have evolved to the point where users have to take control and think for themselves. In fact, many games encourage children to be patient and creative in solving a puzzle before they can advance to the next stage.

Sportivitas and fair

Sportivitas and fair (fair play) are the values that are commonly developed in sports and organizations. Game indirectly offers your child these values, especially when competing with each other.

Reduce stress

Stress is not only experienced by parents but also children. Some parents sometimes put hopes and demands that their children really do not like, for example, related to hobbies and learning. Playing games can be a way out for your child to escape the pressure to reduce stress levels.


Cooperation and the need to build strong teamwork influences when children play video games. Some online games for example, which require a teamwork to achieve victory.

Overcoming pain

Playing video games can be a means to overcome physical or emotional pain, for example, in people who are suffering from a disease where it can only perform activities in the bedroom.

Make people happy

One of the greatest effects of playing games is to make people happy. However, it is very important to limit gameplay time, because it is possible that this tool makes you become addicted. Allow your kids to play the game as often as possible, but do not forget to remind them to stop. Make sure your child is still doing activities in the social environment.

Of the 10 positive benefits of playing the game described above, it all depends on how we react. Playing games that are too long and even a whole day to spend the time to play the game, of course, this is not good for health and will harm yourself.