Benefits of martial sports

Martial arts is one of the Indonesian martial arts that has been worldwide. In addition to being used for self-defense when pressed, there are many benefits from learning martial arts. One is to maintain fitness and body health. The history of Pencak Silatsendiri Sports is expected to spread in Indonesia since the 7th century AD.

Martial arts is one of the traditions left by the ancestors for the people of Indonesia. Most people think that martial arts are only useful for fighting. Though there are so many benefits of Pencak Silat Sports that will be felt especially in carrying out daily activities.

In general, martial arts is useful to defend themselves from criminal acts that threaten. But besides that, there are many benefits that you can get from martial arts. What are the benefits of sports martial arts, let us review together:

Train Concentration and Body Resistance

In this martial art, you will be trained to concentrate and move the whole body. The benefits? Of course, the body will always feel fit and healthy because invited to move. Just as with exercise, your muscles will get used to moving to increase body endurance.

Smooth Blood Circulation

In certain movements that use speed, the body will automatically spur the function of the lungs and heart so that your blood and air circulation will be more smoothly. Another benefit that will be felt in daily activities is to improve discipline. In learning martial arts, you will be required to try harder and discipline in learning every moment that is taught. Spontaneously, the discipline will carry over in your daily activities.

Mental Training and Increase Confidence

Benefits of Sports Pencak Silat in other daily life is to train mental endurance, increase self-confidence, nurture if the knight and sportsmanship, develop vigilance and high accuracy and tenacious in work or study.

Well, that’s all our discussion about the history and the benefits of martial arts sport. Maybe useful