Benefits of Basketball For teenagers

Exercise is an activity that is so beneficial to the health and the human body. Not infrequently exercise is always a hobby for those who are very concerned with body health. Of the many types of sports, sports basketball is a sport that is often an option to do especially for young people.

All types of sports provide many good benefits to optimize and maintain long-term health. One of them is sports basketball which is one type of sport that is played in a team and requires special techniques when play. Starting from dribbling, passing, shooting, laying up, slam dunk and various other techniques provide many benefits to the physical health of anyone who plays it. Benefits of basketball sports for teenagers

Lose weight

Because basketball requires extra energy and optimal physical strength or stamina, of course, the calories released are fairly large. Burning fat and losing weight through basketball is perfect for those of you who are overweight and not ideal.

Train the pacemaker power

When doing basketball, the pacemaker will accelerate and beat normally at rest. This is good for the health of the body because the role of the heart in the body to circulate blood to all the body.

Train Agility

Body dexterity can be trained through this sport because basketball will teach you to be agile in performing various agile, aerobic and natural moves that can be combined with different styles.

Increasing height

The ideal height is the desire of all people because it greatly affects the confidence and personal nature of a person if there is in a public place. This sport is the best to reach the desired height.

Adding body immunity power

Not only are the benefits of fruits that are able to optimize the body’s immune system, basketball can also do so. Basketball is one sport that is able to prevent bacteria and viruses that are pathogenic, the virus that attacks the body when in a state of weakness.

Shaping the ideal body

Basketball is a sport that is very identical to physical exercise and calories will burn. If calories can not be processed, it will affect health conditions.

Maximize growth

Sports basketball is one of the sports of choice suitable for children who are in a period of growth because the activity of this one sport can maximize growth. More optimal height increase can be obtained thanks to basketball practice that is done regularly and periodically. Physical health and maximum growth can be felt by anyone who becomes basketball as one of the sports that applied.

Improves brain concentration and function

Basketball is one type of sports game that not only rely on physical strength or strength alone, but also requires concentration and the ability to think to strategize the attack to the opponent area. Moving the hands and feet in any basketball technique also requires a good focus or coordination to avoid being hit. In other words, the benefits of one basketball sport are very effective to train the function and improve brain performance.

Helps hormone levels

Young women who suffer from hormone dysfunction are advised to play basketball regularly. Stretching and jumping during the game causes the abdominal muscles to strengthen, and stabilize the metabolism that helps in regulating female hormonal issues.

Avoiding osteoporosis

Basketball takes advantage of running, which can make the bones in the body stronger if done continuously. Meanwhile, osteoporosis should be prevented early because it will be very difficult to prevent it if age is advanced.

Improve motor skills

Because the game must move almost all the core body members in this sport.