Basic Techniques Volleyball Game


Sport Volleyball is a game performed by 2 opposing teams, each team consists of 6 players. Assessment in volleyball is done by means of each team having to process the ball of the playing field area itself then the ball must be directed over the net to the opponent’s field area. Generally speaking in performing basic techniques of playing volleyball consists of 4 kinds.

Basic Technique of Volleyball Service

Service is a basic volleyball technique that must be learned by every beginner player. Service technique is done by the player standing on the back line of the field by throwing the ball into the air and then the ball is hit over the net into the field of the opponent’s game area. The purpose of doing service is to hit the ball over the net by selecting an empty area or leading to a player who looks weak so as not to be accepted by the opposing player so the team get points.

Basic Technique Passing Ball Volleyball

Passing can also be known as reception is an attempt made by a player in a team to receive, control and hold services performed by an opposing player in the form of an attack. Passing technique is divided into 2 kinds of passing down and passing up.

Basic Technique Smash or Spike Ball Volleyball

Smash or spike is a basic volleyball technique that does hit the ball using full force by jumping, then the ball is directed to an empty opponent game area. This technique in volleyball is the third blow. The order in receiving the ball is the first ball commonly done by using the bottom passing, then the second ball with the passing up and the third by doing the smash technique. A spiker or attacker in a team ideally has a high body posture and leap. This is because when performing smash techniques the player must make a leap and hit the ball when it is at the height of the heights.

Basic Technique of Volley Ball Block

Defender is a player who has a defensive duty to receive attacks from opposing teams.

It’s easy not to learn the basic techniques of volleyball. What are you waiting for, just practice the theory already in the can. Do not forget to read also the rules of volleyball sports articles, volleyball history and the size of the volleyball court. May be useful.